About Us

At the beginning of the 80′s a group of teachers in Israel, led by Mr. Moti Tuchman, tried to find a solution to improve their student teaching  techniques as much as possible, they wanted to demonstrate  instead of just talking to the students , ‘Show’ instead of ‘Tell’, and to be more practical than theoretical. As a result, in 1984, the first engine demonstration model with an integrated engine troubleshooting system for training purposes was created.

Motogat Ltd. was founded in 1992, by Moti Tuchman, based on this idea and the need for diagnostic tools and training of complex new vehicle systems. Our Company is lead by highly qualified professionals with more than three decades of experience in the automotive industry.

The company is an expert in the training, building of demonstration tools and learning aids for the effective teaching of diagnostic procedures on vehicle systems. Motogat Ltd. builds training programs and learning aids tailored to the specific needs of the customer and his students. The Company specialization is in vehicle computer-controlled systems and modern vehicle communication systems.

Our Main Activities:

  •        Import and export of diagnostic tools
  •        Building  training programs, technical literature and learning aids
  •        Models and Simulators for different ability levels which develop with the progress of the trainee’s skills
  •        Import of software programs for advanced vehicle systems including detailed  technical specifications and advanced electrical drawings
  •        Advice for vehicle workshops, vehicle importers and education departments, Authorized training contractor for the Israeli Ministry of Transport and Israeli Ministry of Defence.
  •        Creation of user & workshop manuals and training materials for official Vehicle Importers of the following makes; Chrysler, Jeep, Doge, Suzuki, MAN, Porsche and more in Israel.