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At the beginning of the 80′s a group of teachers in Israel, led by Mr. Moti Tuchman, tried to find a solution to improve their student teaching  techniques as much as possible, they wanted to demonstrate  instead of just talking to the students , ‘Show’ instead of ‘Tell’, and to be more
Motogat Ltd. is expert of advanced diagnostic systems in the automotive industry, we represent few international manufactures of the most advanced tools and products which include advanced measurement products
Our management team is dedicated to be most up-to-date in the automotive industry to give you the best services, trainings and tools on the new systems.   Moti Tuchman Chief Executive Officer & Founder Moti Tuchman Founded Motogat Ltd on 1992. Moti has more than four decades of experience as
Web site that includes technical data and electric technical diagram of teh vehical systems. This software is very profentional and details which developed by Gutmann company with cooperation of Hella Company
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