Management Team

Our management team is dedicated to be most up-to-date in the automotive industry to give you the best services, trainings and tools on the new systems.


Moti Tuchman

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Moti Tuchman Founded Motogat Ltd on 1992. Moti has more than four decades of experience as teacher and trainer in the automotive industry. Moti is a senior trainer and an expert in all the automotive domains (mechanics, electricity and control systems).

Mr. Moti is an expert on building learning aids, demonstration models, technical books and manuals for the automotive domains and especially in the advanced system in cars and trucks.  From 1994 Moti is up-to-date in all new automotive systems by the official Vehicle manufactures.


Yaniv Tuchman

Chief Technology Officer

Yaniv is senior trainer in vehicle systems with specializing in telecommunications, electricity and advanced vehicle control systems. From 2006 Yaniv manage the technical department in Motogat.

Yaniv is leading the vision, development and strategy of the Auto-Tech product in the company and in the industry in Israel.

Yaniv receives trainings and sessions at various car manufactures to be up-to-date with the new automotive systems  

Mr. Yaniv has a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Holon Technical Institute College.