Motogat has mainly three groups of products which import or builds in house.

  1. Auto-Tech – Advanced demonstration tools for  
  2. Simulators – demonstration tools for various vehicle components (engine, light system air condition, air brake and more)  
  3. Diagnostic tools – manometers, Oscilloscope, scanners and import products from MotorScan (Italy) and G-auto  



  •        Auto Tech systems specially designed to enhance the student’s learning ability and to prepare him for practical work in the real world.
  •        Auto Tech systems specially structured in a way to allow the student personal development of knowledge and understanding of the system capabilities according to the students progress and capabilities.
  •        Auto Tech accompanies the student through all the stages of learning the system. From the early theoretically stage via demonstrations until the final stages of practical exercises on the various vehicle systems.

 The practical work with Auto-Tech has three stages:

  •        Learning system components – including their activation and diagnosis.
  •        Learning how to read electronic circuit diagrams and practical work of building the electronic system from start to finish.
  •        Troubleshooting, diagnosis and actually fault finding of problems which can be created by the teacher using computer software control program.

The computer software has the ability to practice the student by creating build exercises and tests. This is controlled by the teacher and the results can be saved in a central database.


The Simulators of various vehicle components are similar as possible to the vehicle. This structure will enhance the student’s skills mishaps which produces simulator as close to reality malfunctions. Our guideline on building these simulators are easy operation and quick learn and teach. With this simulation we supply technical material which includes information and worksheets.

Diagnostic tools

To complete our package we offer also set of diagnostic tools in high quality and easy operations with full support. With our various diagnostic tools which we build in-house with our experience or we import you can find the vehicle malfunctions in the new automotive systems.